Parumala Oncoinsight 2024

Parumala Oncoinsight 2024

Parumala Oncoinsight 2024

Parumala Oncology & Gynecology departments cordially conducted an International Doctor’s Conference – Oncoinsight 2024, on 21st January 2024 at the Parumala International Cancer Care Center, inaugurated by the Minister of Health, Women and Child Development of Kerala Mrs. Veena George. India’s leading oncology experts Padma Shri Dr. Lalit Kumar (Former Head of Department of Medical Oncology, AIIMS, New Delhi), Dr. Pavithran K (Head of Department of Medical Oncology & Hematology, Amrita Institute of Medical Science), Dr. Francis James (Head, Department of Radiation Oncology, Regional Cancer Care Centre, Thiruvananthapuram), Prominent Gynecologist Dr. Lalithambika Karunakaran (Former Head of Gynecology Department, Alappuzha Medical College, Senior Gynecologist, Parumala Hospital) was felicitated by the Health Minister on the auspicious occasion.

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