Our Neurosurgery OT is equipped with the most advanced Neuronavigation System, Carl Zeiss advanced operating microscope, Neuro Endoscopy (minimal access) system Navigation equipped C-Arm, and Aesculap motor drill system. The department carries out all major surgeries on the Brain and Spine in the most minimally invasive fashion.

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Key Hole and Endoscopy assisted surgeries of the Brain and Spine are done routinely which enables the patient to return to work soon after surgery.

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The Neuronavigation system keys the surgeon to pinpoint the lesson to the accuracy of millimeters and the neuro endoscopy system allows for most minimally invasive surgery to be carried out with greater precision, accuracy, and better visibility. This state of the art systems cornerstone for the best result for our patients.

Our Doctors

Dr.Anish Ninan

Dr.Sreekumar M

Dr.Deepu Abraham Cherian

Dr Asheeb Abdul Hak

Dr. Libby Pushparajan