Parumala Stroke Conclave 2024

Parumala Stroke Conclave 2024

Parumala Stroke Conclave 2024

Parumala Hospital hosted a ‘Visiting Professor Programme’- Stroke Conclave 2024, a collaborative initiative from the departments of Clinical Radiology & Neurology on 27th and 28th February 2024.

The program begun with an official program presides over by Hospital CEO Fr. M C poulose. On the special occasion, Dr. Nandini Prasad (Consultant Endocrinologist, Parumala hospital) has introduced the latest policies and guidelines of Thyroid cancer Working Group (TWG) and was launched by Fr. M C Poulose.

As part of Parumala Stroke Conclave, Dr. Adish . Adish Talwadker (Consultant Neuroradiologist, University of Portsmouth, UK) and Dr. Ashwin Padmanabhan (Consultant Neuro vascular interventional radiologist, Kottyam Medical College) led a panel discussion on stroke along with Parumala Neurology Consultants Dr. Anish Ninan, Dr. Asheeb Abdul Hak and Dr. Libby Pushparajan and was moderated by Dr. Anju Anna Abraham, Consultant Oncologist Parumala Hospital.


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