We may also be a helping hand…” It’s a Cancer Treatment Support Scheme, a dream project of Late H. H Baselios Marthoma Poulose II Catholicos… Contributions to Sneha Sparsham Scheme will be entitled for tax exemptions under 80G In the last 5 years, more than 4000 poor patients have been provided medical assistance through the Snehasparsham Scheme.

What is Snehasparsham?

Snehasparsham is a dream project of Malankara Orthodox Church started by Late H. H. Baselios Marthoma Poulose II Catholicos, who has spent time in helping many people regardless of caste/religion.

Who needs Snehasparsham?

Snehasparsham will be a helping hand for the less privileged and poor patients those who lack expert treatments. The interest of the amount invested in the Snehasparsham scheme will be given as a medical aid to the deserving poor patients of Parumala Hospital.

What can we do for Snehaspasham scheme?

We look forward for your valuable contributions to the Snehasparsham Scheme. Through this, the needy cancer patients and their families of Parumala Hospital are being helped. Let us help them to face cancer with confidence by giving them more strength.
*This scheme is only for indigent cancer patients of Parumala Hospital
  • The names of every person who donates more than 5 Lakhs Rupees for the development activities of the hospital will be written and displayed on the main front lobby wall of Parumala Hospital.
  • Donations for hospital development and charity projects are tax deductible under 80 G.


           Be confident. The Healing Hands are with you…