Kidney Transplant Centre

The Renal Care Center at Parumala Hospital is one of the best in the region with very good Nephrologists, Urologists and skilled technicians. We have specialized and highly advanced departments that provide individualised medical as well as surgical care to renal patients. The  efficient team of nephrologists and other doctors strive to bring awareness about kidney diseases, what can lead to it and how to prevent/manage kidney problems. We also make people aware about the importance of recognizing certain symptoms that may seem totally unrelated to the kidney, but are in fact, symptoms of kidney disease. If identified early, patients can receive timely treatment and arrest further impairment of the kidneys.

Our Departments

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We have a fully equipped Nephrology Department with a 24 hours functioning dialysis unit. The Nephrology department provides comprehensive health care for patients with all types of Renal (Kidney) diseases.

The services offered include:

Dialysis Unit

Currently the dialysis unit has 30 dialysis machines with most modern facilities. The department addresses the following needs of the patients:-

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The department of Urology offers comprehensive facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of genitourinary problems in adults and children. A highly qualified and experienced team of dedicated Urologists and resident surgeons is available round the clock.

The treatment includes following disciplines:

Our Doctors

Dr-Jitheesh Urologist parumala hospital

Dr. Jithesh P

Dr.Mayank Bharti

Dr.Hareesh K.G

Dr.Abhilash V Cherian