PET Scan

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT) imaging have become essential diagnostic tools physicians use to reveal the presence and severity of cancers PET/CT scans provide information to help physicians

Gamma Camera

The gamma camera is an imaging technique used to carry out functional scans of the brain, thyroid, lungs, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and skeleton. Gamma cameras image the radiation from a tracer introduced into the patient's body.

Linear Accelerator

A linear accelerator (LINAC) is the device most commonly used for external beam radiation treatments for patients with cancer. The linear accelerator is used to treat all parts/organs of the body. It delivers high-energy x-rays to the region of the patient's tumor.


Mammography is a specialized medical imaging that uses a low-dose x-ray system for evaluation of breasts. Its aids in early detection and diagnosis of breast disease including breast cancer.


Brachytherapy is an advanced cancer treatment. Radioactive seeds or sources are placed in or near the tumor itself, giving a high radiation dose to the tumor while reducing the radiation exposure in the surrounding healthy tissues. The term "brachy" is Greek for short distance.


The latest integrated MRI technology has changed the landscape of detection and diagnosis, for the better treatment and management of patients. As many would understand it is the early patient’s diagnosis and detection that makes it possible to cure any disease.

The Blood Bank

he Blood Bank at Parumala hospital is a fully fledged component blood bank now recognized and registered under Drugs Control and Licensing Authority, Kerala State and Central Licenses approving authority, CDSCO, New Delhi.