Women Health

With the most advanced facilities of its kind in the region, the Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Women’s Health at the Hospital offers a wide range of highly specialized services for comprehensive management of health problems in women of all ages. The team of doctors at the center comprises experts from all subspecialties in women’s health, including obstetrics, gynaecology, infertility management and reproductive medicine. Multidisciplinary in approach, the center provides high quality, protocol-based treatment to patients, with the support of specialty-trained nurses, technicians and counsellors.

Our Departments

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Antenatal clinic

Besides caring for a large number of low risk patients, expert care for high risk patients like pre- eclampsia, IUGR, pre-terms etc. is provided at the antenatal clinic. Regular antenatal clinics also provide expectant mothers with all healthcare information and guidance during pregnancy.

Postnatal Clinic

Support and care to the mother and baby are given at the postnatal clinic. Birth-spacing advice and information are also provided.

Labour room

Foetal monitoring facilities including Cardiotocography (CTG) are available in the state of art Labour Rooms at  Hospital. Full-fledged Intensive care unit and 24 hour blood bank service with facility for blood component therapy are also available.


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Care is given by the team of expert doctors for all gynecological issues including:

Our Doctors