The hospital building is with air conditioned, non-air conditioned rooms, wards, clinical laboratory, Panchakarma treatment chambers, Dispensary etc. Ecg, X-Ray, MRI’s, OT’s and other lab facilities ensure authentic & perfect investigations. Rehabilitation facilities including Physiotheraphy etc are available. The out patient departments of the Ayurveda Hospital has extensive facility for consultation with expert physicians. Prior appointment can be taken for consultation. OP consultation is available in all the days from 9:00 Am to 4:00 Pm except Sundays. Patients should bring all documents related to his/her ailments. Well trained para medical staff and well equipped classical Ayurveda Pharmacy is on round the clock duty. Procedure for wellness and curative treatments are done ensuring hygiene. Good quality food and pure drinking water is ensured. Excellent ambience providing peace of mind for a healing touch.

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