The Master of Social Work (MSW) Programme is a professional training programme that leads to the professional qualification of a Social Worker. The course work of the Programme aims to provide students with a solid conceptual framework and a theoretical foundation of social work practice. To develop social work knowledge and skills, and to help students cultivate a positive identification with social work values and the ethics of the social work profession are the aims of this Programme. In addition to the academic content, students are required to undertake supervised practice in different social service agencies/communities. This programme equips students with advanced training in knowledge and skills to reflect and

resolve conflicts within themselves and to help disadvantaged groups. Through these academic and training engagements, students are prepared for a career in professional social work.

The curriculum of the Master of Social Work (MSW) Programme is designed to meet the requirements as per the programme’s objectives, which is to prepare the students to build a career in Social Work Profession and Development sector. The professional education in social work equips the students to confidently engage in the practices of counselling, group work, and community work, research, policy formulation and analysis, advocacy and social & political interventions. There are a number of promising career opportunities open for these graduates in the areas like Rural and Urban Community Development, Hospital Social Work, Psychiatric Social Work, Industrial Counselling, Family Counselling, Child Welfare, Administration of NGOs, Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Rights, Environment and Disaster Management, Project Preparation & Evaluation and Field level Research Projects.

There are TEN courses in the first and second semesters along with a field practicum. In the third semester, there are two core as well as 3 elective courses each in each specialization group along with a field practicum. In the fourth semester there are two core courses and two elective courses, field practicum apart from project/dissertation. Field Practicum (field education) is an integral part of the training in social work education with the objective of helping the students to develop the skills, attitudes and values and personality characteristics essential for a professional social worker. The students are to be placed in local self-government institutions, welfare agencies, development organizations, community-based organizations for children, youth, women and elderly, hospitals etc. for fieldwork training. The training equips the students to get hands-on training in different areas as well as according to their specialization.

The MSW programme is organized into four semesters with elective (specialization) courses offered in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work (MPSW). The MSW Programme comply with UGC Minimum Standards for the conduct and award of Post Graduate Degrees

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