Psychiatry, De-Addiction & Rehabilitation

St. Gregorios Medical Mission Hospital started the department Psychiatry and De-addiction as a project for the treatment of those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. His Holiness Baselios Marthoma Mathews II formally inaugurated the St. Gregorios De-addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation center on February 15th 1999. This center has the facility for psychotherapy, group therapy, recreation therapy, physiotherapy, family counseling, and guidance and follows up.
The department provides treatment for all psychiatric and psychological problems and has special focus on alcoholic problems.

Treatment for De-addiction and Mental Health

  • 1. Medications
  • 2. Counseling
  • 3. Psychotherapy
  • 4. Group Therapy
  • 5. Recreation Therapy
  • 6. Case Management

Objectives of the Center
  •   To provide outpatient and inpatient treatment for both psychiatric and addiction patients.
  •   To rehabilitate the recovering patients to normal life in their family and society
  •   To give support and help them for their occupational rehabilitation.
  •   Provide Social work interventions.
  •   To educate the public especially the adults and students about the mental health and ill effects of drug and alcohol abuse.
  •   Effective follow up procedure through home visits and AA meeting for de addiction patients.

Qualified Professionals in the Department
  •   Psychiatrists
  •   Clinical Psychologist
  •   Psychiatric Social Workers
  •   Educational Trainers
  •   Psychiatric Nurses
  •   Counselors
  •   Dietician

Activities of the Department

For Psychiatric Patients

  •   Evaluation by Psychiatric Specialist
  •   Medication
  •   Complete Medical Screening (Including Lab Analysis)
  •   Consultation by Psychologist
  •   Social Work Interventions by Professional Social Workers.
  •   Counseling.
  •   Follow Up Procedure

For De Addiction Patients
  •   Providing inpatient treatments for alcoholics and drug addicts through detoxification, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, yoga therapy, counseling, group therapy etc.
  •   Provide for the follow-up treatment and counseling service for the discharged and relapse patients through home visit.
  •   Counseling (Individual, Family, Group)
  •   Complete Medical Screening (Including Lab Analysis)
  •   Consultation by Psychiatric Specialist

Special Counseling
We have professional counselor who is highly trained in the following counseling approaches:
  •   De addiction Counseling
  •   Family Counseling
  •   Crisis Counseling
  •   Career Guidance
  •   Sex Counseling
  •   Grief counseling

At Parumala hospital we offer quality counseling to individuals, couples and families addressing a wide range of emotional and psychological concerns including:-
  •   Depression
  •   Anxiety
  •   Relationship issues
  •   Marital discord
  •   Child and Adolescent development
  •   Learning issues
  •   Sexual problems


Dr. Kuruvila P.K

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Sherlyn Elizabeth Mammen

Consultant Psychiatrist