The department of neurology provides state of the art care to patients with all kinds of acute and chronic diseases affecting the neuraxis- i.e., diseases of Brain, Spinal cord, Peripheral nervous system, Muscles and Neuro - muscular junction.

Disorders treated:

  •   Stroke-acute stroke care including intravascular thrombolysis, chronic stroke care and rehabilitation.
  •   Epilepsy and sleep disorders
  •   Headache, vertigo
  •   Movement disorders and gait disorders
  •   Disease of spine and peripheral nerves
  •   Myopathies
  •   Myasthenia Gravis
  •   CNS infections (Meningitis and Encephalitis)
  •   Neuro metabolic and developmental disorders

Facilities and Equipments:
Neuro electrophysiology lab- We have a fully equipped neurophysiology lab with facilities for EEG, NCS, EMG, VEP, Polysomnography.


Dr. Anish Ninan

Consultant Neurologist

Dr. Swaroop K Raj

Consultant Neurologist