General & Laparoscopic Surgery

We have a state of the art Department of General and Laparoscopic Surgery, which also forms the platform for our various surgical super-speciality departments.
The department has seven elite world-class operation theatre suites along with the most modern post-operative care facilities. These are reinforced with the highest quality equipment and instruments, making the department at par with the best surgical centres in the world. Surgical procedures which do not need an elaborate theatre setup are performed in well-equipped minor operation theatres, while ensuring the best and cost-effective care to the patient.
Our surgery wards and surgical ICU are manned by highly dedicated and well-trained staff. The surgical nursing fraternity is headed by senior nurses and supervised by consultant surgeons. The wards have multichannel monitors for continuous monitoring and for timely management by the treating doctors when interventions are required. A comfortable pain-free stay is ensured for the patients by rational and safe pain management using infusion pumps and on-demand-drug delivery systems.
The Department of General and Laparoscopic Surgeryalso performs the screening of tumours, facilitating the diagnosis and referral to the expert team at the onco-surgery department. Also, our surgeons are available round the clock for comprehensive trauma care, backed by the full-fledged services of the surgical ICU as well as the departments of anaesthesia and radiology.


DR. Abraham Mathew

Consultant General Surgeon

Dr. Renji Mathew Vaidian

Consultant General Surgeon and Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr. Santhosh K Ravindran

Consultant General Surgeon and Laparoscopic Surgeon