Whole body bone Scan To evaluate skeletal metastases, metabolic bone disease, primary bone malignancy, low backache, tuberculosis of bone, avascular necrosis, stress fracture, osteomyelitis etc.
Renogram To assess differential function, GFR and to evaluate drainage of individual kidneys – Renal donors, neonatal hydronephrosis, PUJ obstructions, obstructed megaureter, duplex systems etc. Also useful in evaluation of transplant kidney and in renal artery hypertension.
DMSA Scan To assess UTI (Renal scars), ectopic kidneys, accurate function assessment of individual kidneys
VUR Scan To assess VU reflux, UTI, hydroureteronephrosis
Thyroid scan Funcational assessment of thyroid diseases - thyrotoxicosis, thyroid nodule evlautaion, ectopic thyroid, congenital hypothyroidism etc.
Parathyroid scan Localization of parathyroid adenoma
Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy To evaluate Ischemic Heart Disease, Assess the physiological significance of known coronary artery stenosis. Risk stratification of patients with CAD, positive TMT, Baseline ECG changes like LBBB etc. Presurgical cardiac evaluation, Assessment of myocardial viability before CABG, follow-up of Kawasaki disease etc.
MUGA Scan Accurate objective assessment of LVEF. Assessment of regional wall motion abnormalities. Particularly useful in patients on cardiotoxic anticancer medications.
Lung perfusion & ventilation scan Pulmonary embolism, Assessment of regional functional lung volumes prior to lung surgeries
Liver-spleen Scan Cirrhosis with portal hypertension and Non cirrhotic portal hypertension
Hepatobiliary Scan Differentiate neonatal hepatitis vs biliary atresia, postop bile leak, choledochol cyst, post liver transplant cases, gall bladder dyskinesia, acute/chronic cholecystitis.
Meckel's Scan Evaluation of meckels diverticulum (Ectopic gastric mucosa)
Gastro intestinal bleed Scan To evaluate occult GI bleed and localize the site of bleed
Gastric emptying Scan Suspected gastroparesis especially diabetic gastroparesis
Gastro esophageal reflux (Milk scan) Assessment of gastroesophageal reflux
Dacryo scintigraphyfor eyes To evaluate tear duct atency
Brain scintigraphy Epilepsy, Brain tumors etc
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